AI-based Networking Platform Advances Corporate Leadership Diversity

STRIDES.ai launches to power diversity in leadership through intelligent orchestration of conversations and connections. STRIDES makes it easy for senior leaders across organizations to engage in meaningful conversations with underrepresented executive talent and to dramatically expand the pipeline and access to diverse leaders.

Gentry Magazine Feature – Women Leaders in Tech

Three years ago, Gentry launched their first-ever Women in Tech Conference highlighting dozens of powerful female founders, VCs, and C-Suite executives. The 300-person event was followed last July by another sold-out event. This year, they are bringing fascinating stories, including BoardSeatMeet CEO and …

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BoardSeatMeet Announces Public Beta to Democratize Access to Social Capital and Board Readiness

BoardSeatMeet, Inc, a social impact venture powering gender and racial diversity in corporate boardrooms, announced its public beta release Tuesday. As enterprises continue to struggle to attract the brightest talent from underrepresented groups, BoardSeatMeet diversifies leadership at the senior-most levels of organizations through a simple platform that makes building social capital between board leaders and candidates more efficient, more convenient, and more powerful.