Talent is Everywhere

Honestly, I don’t understand why companies are challenged in identifying women for boards. I meet talented women all the time…Adding racial diversity initiatives in addition to gender diversity makes it even more difficult for them. Companies are going to have to address racial and gender diversity in their boardrooms and in their management ranks. Dear… Continue reading Talent is Everywhere

Superpowers, Vision, Authenticity

People need to appreciate how necessary soft skills are to succeed in board governance or in leadership roles. The better one understands human dynamics, the more one can recognize and predict what can go wrong. Dear Chairwomen of tomorrow, I started working as an engineer at a time when there were few women in that… Continue reading Superpowers, Vision, Authenticity

Board Meetings Should be Structured According to Diversity and Gender

I’d recommend women be ambitious and relentless in reaching their goals. If you devote yourself to something passionately and persistently, you will achieve results. Dear Future Women Leaders of Tomorrow: I grew up in Japan, and my parents really encouraged independence. I sensed my mother, who didn’t have a job outside our home, regretted not… Continue reading Board Meetings Should be Structured According to Diversity and Gender

Your Voice Matters

When women realize the power of their own voice, within a board setting or elsewhere, it allows for truly positive changes in our society. Dear Women Leaders of Tomorrow: First, a little background . . . My name is Claire Chino. I was born in the Netherlands, grew up in Japan, and later moved to… Continue reading Your Voice Matters

It Starts and Ends With Us

You reach a point where you can get too comfortable and it’s time for a change Dear Women Leaders of Tomorrow, As I reflect on my journey, I have achieved the distinction of having been appointed by four California governors—Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom—to top-level state government board roles at the… Continue reading It Starts and Ends With Us

This is Our Moment, Our Day

When we bring women in, it’s not just the right thing to do,  it’s the smart thing to do. Dear Chairwoman: When I was a little girl, my daddy used to say: “no child ever becomes anything that he or she has never heard of.”  I grew up in Mobile, Alabama, in a family of… Continue reading This is Our Moment, Our Day